Monday, October 17, 2011

Vivaceta #14



Like the title says... 50 YEARS OF THE MISSION IN CHILE!.  We were able to celebrate this special event in a big soccer stadium right next to our apartment!!  It was nice not having to travel at all.  It was a really cool show and we got to see as missionaries.  After the show we all ran down onto the field and took pictures with the performers and ran into some members from my other wards.  I got a big long train of like 100 people running around the field too haha. 
Anyways, this week was a good week for us.  We were able to find some good investigators and teach some really good lessons.  We are planning on baptizing Camila this coming sunday so that her mom can go and feel the Spirit there.  Katy will get baptized the week after that!  Things are going great with my new companion.  The ward loves us both a ton and its a lot of fun being with him.  Its a ton of fun just being able to talk about normal things again like sports, movies, music, girls, etc.  I didnt have anythig in common wiht my last 3 companions so this is a good break haha.  He has 5 months in the mission but most people think he has a lot more time.  He speaks the language very well already and is a machine haha.  We are working really really hard and having a great time doing it. We did a pre-baptismal interview for Katy last night but we did it like ¨who wants to be a millionaire¨.  It was a really fun night with them. 
I decided to start the Book of Mormon over again since I kinda got lost in Jacob 5 (the longest chapter in the world).  I was studying in spanish before and I will most likely continue in spanish but I started a new activity.  I am underlining 3 differnt things with 3 different colors.
1. I underline everytime it mentions Jesus Christ.  I underline all the different names and everything that refers to Him.
2. I underline his words.  Whenever he talked to a prophet or when he came down to the Americas.
3. I underline his attributes.  Things like faith, humility, hope, charity, love, diligence, etc.
As Ive been doing this new thing Ive noticed how blessed people really are when they follow Jesus Christ.  When they listen to His words and obey His commandments the happiness is cant be explained.  As it says in Mosiah 2:41 that the obedient saints are blessed with happiness.  I have seen that in the lives of the people I teach and also in my own life.  When I am obedient here in the field, I have more motivation and more desires to help people come unto Christ.  We were talking with Jose, Katy´s husband,  yesterday and he said that yesterday was the first time he had taken the sacrament in over 5 years.  He felt like a hunger and thirst was finally satisfied and he felt so much lighter.  The bread was also home made and delicious which always helps.  It was great to be able to see that blessing in his life yesterday.
One less active family that we have been helping lately is finally back in the church and doing great.  Its the family of the deaf kid that we were teaching.  Carlos, the dad, made the ward´s website this last week and he said that he had never down something with technology mixed with something religious.  He said as he was working on it he realized really how important it is that we get people informed about the church and how everything works.  Hes usually pretty closed when it comes to spiritual matters but it was great being able to see him announce the new website.  They are going to be moving this next month which is sad for me because I got to be really close with the family. 
Anywyas, thats it for me this week!
Love Elder Peck


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