Monday, October 3, 2011

Vivaceta #12


This week was once again a great week.  We were ONE person short in church so we didnt get the standard of excellence but we were so close that it was still a great week.

One of our investigators, Katy, will be getting married this weekend!  She has been living with an inactive member for about a year now and he finally decided that he needed to come back to church.  In that process she also got involved in the church and she will be baptized in a few weeks after the wedding when he is ready to baptize her.  She is progressing very well in the church, she understands everything very well and is ready for her baptism.  

Anyways, things are going good in the sector.  We have some other people that we are teaching that are also progressing quite well.  The deaf kid and his family are doing well.  They have been going to church and the parents are going to get married in december!  I didnt even know that they werent married until they had an interview with the bishop and he told them to get marrie dhaha.  

Something I liked a lot about this general conference was a talk given by one of the 70.  He mentioned that we shouldnt hesitate in sharing the gospel with others.  As a member of the church, it was always hard for me to tell people what I believe before the mission just because most people in the world these days arent ¨believers¨.  It was always hard for me to bear a testimony of Jesus Christ to my friends who didnt know much about Him.  In the mission Ive noticed that bearing even the smallest testimony has the biggest impact.  One time I stood up to bear my testimony in church and I mentioned how the mission is the best decision I had ever made in my life.  It was a very short testimony and not anything special or powerful.  I sat down and a few weeks later somebody brought it up in sunday school and said that it really had an impact on them.  They said that they want to share the gospel with their family now and even though they dont know how to do it, they know it will bring lots of joy into their lives.  I know that if we open our mouths and spread the good news that we will be blessed as well as the lives of our friends and family.  Try to imagine living the eternity without your best friend.  Even though that best friend may not realize that they need the gospel, they do and its our responsibility to let them know.  

Have a great week everybody!
Love Elder Peck


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