Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vivaceta #15


Ladies and Gentlemen! CHICAGO!!

WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR FROM CHICAGO!!!!  He went to church sunday which was sweet.  He doesnt speak spanish very well even though hes married to a chilaen and hes been here for 3 years.  Hes pretty cool and he said he has done a lot of ¨research¨ on the church so we will see what happens.
So, we didnt end up baptizing Camila sunday.  It came close and the mom started telling her that she needs to be older and decide for herself.  Camila is a mama´s girl and listens to everything she says so she told us that she doesnt want to get baptized but then we talked to Marcelo and he said that the mom is just putting that in her head.  We are going to have a FHE with them tomorrow night and we are going to try and have a chat with the mom.  The family is doing good other than that though.

We are going to baptize Katy this saturday!!!  She is ready now and we are wayy excited to get her in the water.  They are hoping to be able to go to the temple in about a year or a little bit later when they feel ready and Im pushing for 11 months so I can go with them before I leave haha.  We played uno with them last night and its really weird that in Latin America, nobody knows how to play uno.  It has a spanish name and people have no idea what it is.  

Carlos and his family are going to be moving to another stake next week.  Sunday night he called me to see when we could go over and do a family night and then after we hung up he called back to tell me that he loves me haha.  I love that family so much and Im really hoping that I can see them in the future.  The deaf kid, GianLuca, always gets wayyyy excited when we come over and he starts bouncing off the walls.  He is probably the funniest kid I have ever met in my life.  When he doesnt get his way he just collapses like a puppet without strings and then starts waving his hands around and nobody understands him haha.  The parents dont even know sign language that well yet so its pretty hard for them too.  My companion and I went over to hang out with Carlos yesterday and we decided to make some bread.  Since it was just us three guys we totally forgot about the bread in the oven and it burnt a little bit but it was still delicious.  

Last night we decided that we needed to knock some doors becuase we hadnt found very many investigators this last week.  We got into this really rich neighborhood and we were saying to each other how we would NEVER get into any of these houses because they were like mansions.  We got to one house with tons of halloween decorations on it (which is weird because nobody decorates houses in Chile).  It was probably the biggest house on the street and the nicest one.  We started talking about how cool it would be to baptize the family that lived there because then Christmas would be awesome for us haha and then we knocked the door.  At first, the daughter came out and said no they were busy and closed the door.  We wanted to take pictures of the house so we got our cameras ready and then the mom came out.  We quickly put our cameras away and she came and opened the gate and we started talking about her awesome house.  She showed us around and introduced us to the family and we helped her youngest daughter with her english homework.  We ended up talking for a while and they told us that when the older daughters were younger, they would go to the primary and other activities at church but nobody ever got baptized.  They said the missionaries used to go over and play nintendo with the family back in the day and they loved having the missionaries over.  We made an appointment to go back this week and hopefully everything goes well!

Thats about it for me this week!  Have a great week everybody!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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