Monday, March 26, 2012

Compania #13


(No email last week)

Protests, Wedding, Baptism, Conformation!!

So we had a pretty crazy week.  Basically everyday something big happened.

Lets start with tuesday.  So a couple of our appointments feel through and we decided to try and visit some less active members in the northern part of our sector which is called Plaza de Armas.  The Spanish made this plaza a long time ago to be able to fend off any attack that would come into the capital.  We were up there and as usual there was a big crowd of people shopping and plus a bunch of preachers yelling with microphones.  It seemed pretty normal so we just kept walking.  We went to a couple apartments but nobody was home and on our way out we saw a ton of police men with shields, helmets, and dogs.  We heard lots of yelling and protesting and then all of a sudden a huuuge crowd of people came sprinting at us. It was exciting to be in the middle of something huge like this but then there was tear gas everywhere and so we hid in an ice cream shop.  They locked up the doors and windows but the worst part was the gas inside the store.  It burned pretty bad but that was about it.  They opened the door after about 10 minutes and kicked everybody out that wasn't a customer.  So we went out and returned back to the plaza.  On every corner there were big tanks that spray water and lots of police men and huuuge clouds of tear gas.  We figured that we were trapped until we noticed the subway station was still open so we went down the stairs and got on the subway towards our apartment.  We got back safe and waiting the rest of the night in our apartment just in case.  We had an appointment down south in our sector but we decided not to go to which was good because a man was stabbed right on the corner where we had an appointment so we were lucky that we listened to the Spirit and stayed in the house.  

Next, thursday we went to set up for the wedding reception in the church.  A lot of members came with food and decorations and helped us decorate the chapel.  Friday night, the same members came to the party plus family and friends of Jose and Josselin.  It was a very fun party and it was great to see Jose and Josselin so happy.  Saturday at 12 we were going to have the baptism.  My companion and I went to the chapel early to fill the font and at 11 people started showing up for our english classes.  We totally forgot that we had put up flyers for the classes and so we had to teach a quick class and it ended up beign good.  There werent a lot of people at the baptism but it was very spiritual and a lot of fun.  Josselin went up to give her testimony afterwards and said that after getting married she felt like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders and she had never felt anything like it.  She was very happy and had a huge smile on her face the whole time.  Sunday I got to confirm her which was way cool.  It was my first confirmation plus it was in spanish so I was pretty nervous but it all came out good.  Jose and Josselin gave their testimonies as well and talked about how happy they were now that they are married and they are very excited to go to the temple in a year.  

It was a great week and it got even better when saturday night they informed us that elder Larsen and I will be here for another transfer!  We haev until early may until the next transfer period.  We did the math and at the end of this transfer we will have been together for more than 6 months as companions.  Well haev a great week everybody!
Love Elder Peck


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