Monday, March 12, 2012

Compania #12


This last week was a little harder than the week before....
So lets start off with Josselin.  Shes progressing very well in her testimony but this weekend her and Jose got in a little argument about the marriage.  We arent 100% sure what happened but she seemed very sad sunday in church.  We are going to give them a few days to work things out then we will probably try doing something.
The twins Katalina and Javier didnt show up to church.  We called their mom saturday night to verify everything and she said that they were going to church for sure and they didnt show up.  We tried calling but they didnt answer so we arent sure what happened there.  We gave them a baptismal date for the 25 of march but the mom was pretty hesitant.  She doesnt have a very strong tesimony since she was pretty pressured to get baptized by her husband a long time ago.  We are worried that they are going to hold the kids back quite a bit.  If it wasnt for them the kids would be very easy baptisms but I guess there is no such thing as an easy baptism haha!  Everybody person has their own doubt or struggle to get to the waters of baptism but its up to us to help them out so thats what we plan on doing. 
We talked to Bastian again this last week.  It was good to see him after like a month on vacation.  We talked to his mom this time who used to avoid us before and she told us that she is a member but hasnt gone to church for like 20 years.  She said that she really wants to come back and help her kids get baptized because their dad never let them before since he was very catholic.  They are seperated so it looks like the mom should be a huge help for us which is good. 
In these last couple of weeks Ive been reading a lot in Alma.  Ive been reading about the mission of the sons of Mosiah and the Anti Nephi Lehites and how converted they were.  There is one scripture that talks about how the people kneeled down as their enemies killed hundreds of them.  Their enemies finally realized how converted these people really were and dropped their weapons and also repented.  It talked about how the Lord has many ways to help people repent and that was one of them.  In this sector I really have noticed that we have to work different since we are in the middle of a huge city.  We have been trying to work with the members quite a bit and now we are going to start english classes.  We are hoping that the Lord can help us with our different ideas to bring more people to the truth! 
Thats it for me this week.  Have a great week!
Love Elder Peck

1.        How did interviews go with Pres?
 Good and short,  We talked about me going home august 13th and we got that set up.
2.        Is Joselyn still lined up for baptism before transfers?
 Yes but Jose got mad in a little argument they had and left for a couple days but hes back....She was really sad in church yesterday so we are gonna give them a couple days to work things out. 
3.       How are the twins coming along?  So amazing that they are leading their family – hopefully they’ll all start going to church.
 The twins are really good but the mom is a huuuge anchor for them.  She holds them back a lot.  They didnt go to church yesterday and she didnt answer her phone when we called so we were kinda upset.  The kids would be baptisms easily if the mom would just cooperate.  The dad got home from working outside of santiago for a couple weeks so we are hoping that he is a little more excited.  I most likely wont be here for their baptism though. 
4.       What is one thing that is strongest in your testimony right now?
 I would definitely say the Restoration is the strongest part.  Everytime we talk about Joseph Smith and the first vision or when we watch the video there is a completley different Spirit in the room.  Quentin L. Cook mentioned that the first vision is the most powerful tool we have as missoinaries in our lessons.  I want to read more in The Teachings of Joseph Smith after the mission for sure. 
5.       What is something you learned this last week?
 This last week.....I read a looott in Jesus the Christ and I learned a lot about how he was in complete control of everything going around him all the time.  He could stop a storm, raise the dead, heal the sick, and curse a tree by the power of prayer and faith. 
6.       Have you been able to keep your apartment clean and tidy?  (you said it was a pig sty when you first got there at Christmas time)
 Yeah its decent right now.  When Whitmer left we did a huuuge cleanup and sometimes we get a little lazy but when I get stressed out I usually clean up everything wayy good. 
7.       What was your favorite item from your last package?
 The fish oil stuff!!  I got that package friday and its wayyyy good. 
8.       What is something you’d like in your next package?  (think birthday)
 I was thinking that you should send anymore packages to save money but mabye I could just by myself something. 
9.       What is your favorite time of day and why?
 10:30 PM when we finish planning and we can take off our church clothes and get into our PJ´s and just chill haha. 
10.   How is your relationship with your current Bishop and ward mission leader?
Its great.  This ward hasnt had a lot of success int he last couple years because of disobedient missionaries so the success we are having makes them very happy and they help a lot.  The bishop always has a huge smile on his face when he sees us.


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