Monday, March 5, 2012

Compania #11


We had an amazing week!!!  It was a week full of miarcles and lots of progress in the work.

So lets start off with Jose and Josselin.  As a lot of you already know that are going to get married!!!  We discussed when they would be able to get married and usually its takes 3 or 4 months for the transaction to come through and that made us really sad.  We decided to do a fast as a group and we prayed that Heavenly Father could help us to get a sooner date for them to get married.  We all fasted and prayed and the next day they called us and told us that they went to the city courthouse and they were told that the soonest they could get married was in june.  They get pushing and asking and they found out that they could probably go down south to another city and get a better date there.  They traveled down and got a date for the 23rd of march!!!!!  Thats 3 days before our transfers so we will be here for the wedding and the baptism.  It was great to see that the Lord listened to our prayer and helped us out.

Another miracle that happened.....So we were working and the sister missionaries called us with a referal.  A 12 year old girl had talked to them in the street and said that they had been waiting for missionaries to pass by for the longest time.  THey had talked to missionaries in another part but the referal was never sent.  So the sisters got their adress and gave it to us.  All of our appointments had fallen through so we decided to find these people.  We searched everywhere for the address but we couldnt find it anywhere.  We asked people in the street and they tried helping us and finally after about an hour of searching we found it.  There were three buildings inside and there were only doorbells for the two buildlings that this family didnt live it.  We somehow got inside the gates and went up their buildling and knocked their door.  We got in and found out that the parents were less active members and that they had 4 kids that werent baptized.  The two older ones werent that interested but the two younger ones were wayyy ready to hear us.  They are twins one is Katalina and the other is Javier.  They were sooo excited for hear what we had to share and they were very excited to say the closing prayer.  They talked a lot about how they felt like they needed to confess their sins and be better people.  We are going to visit them tomorrow and give them a baptismal date and then take them down to mutual in the chapel.  

One last story...Eduardo is an inactive member who we have been trying to help for a while now.  He served a mission in this same mission and moved out here to study.  He went inactive because of a lot of trials in his life and didnt feel like he got the blessings he deserved from the mission.  He asked us friday night how he can find his faith again.  We started sharing scriptures and personal experiences and the Spirit was very strong in his apartment.  Hes having a really hard time right now in his life and hes trying soo hard to come back to church.  

Well, thats it for me this week have a great week!
Love Elder Peck



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