Thursday, March 1, 2012

Compania #10


HELLOOO EVERYBODY.  Our week was pretty great.  We were able to find a few newbies.  It was still hard with peolple on vacation but Josselin finally got back yesterday so we are excited to see them again.  This week will be pretty short since we are short on time.
My highlight of the week is probably last night.  We sat down with Emerson and Pamela who are recent converts and we helped them come back to church.  Emerson was teaching us a little lesson on prayer and then he told us about one of his most recent answers to a prayer.  He explained that it had been hard for him to believe that Thomas S. Monson was a prophet of God.  He would see pictures or would watch conference and just wasnt convinced.  He finally started praying for help to believe more in him.  Over time he realized that he was just judging the Prophet without even knowing who he was.  THEN the same day he came to that conclusion we showed up with a copy of ¨On the Lord´s Errand¨ and we let them borrow it.  He watched it and he said that he knows 100% that Pres. Monson is a Prophet today.  It was really cool to see that we were able to be an answer to his prayer.  

We also had a baptism!!!  Kind of haha.  Her name is Colomba and she turned 8 years old but her mom asked us to teach her since her dad isnt a member.  The dad was pretty worried that she was just gonig into something without knowing so we went and we taught her everything pretty simply and her dad was also able to listen so know we are teaching him.  


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