Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vivaceta #7


This is...the big email!

That email title is a tribute to Steve Pratt and ¨The Swimming¨.  Anyways, changes were last night and Im still with my companion.  Not sure what to think about that haha but I´ll try my hardest to help him out.  I was kind of upset to find out I wasnt going to be training a new missionary and there are a lot of younger missionaries training.  I´ll just have to keep going forward and hopefully one day it will happen.
So, President has changed A LOT about the mission.  Before, the mission was like this.  There were two zone leaders that were companions and there were usually 5 district leaders in each zone.  The districts usually only consisted of 4 missionaries and the trainers were usually the district leaders.  Now, there are still two zone leaders but they also train new missionaries so they arent together as companions.  There are only 3 district leaders now and the districts have about 10 missionaries in them.  I am no longer district leader haha but mostly because all the trainers are also leaders so since Im not training Im not up there.  

We had a pretty ahrd week again.  Not a lot of success in terms of numbers but quite a bit of success in terms of learning.  Ive been learning a lot about obedience and really how important it is in our daily lives.  Ive never been the most obedient person in the world but here in the mission, Ive been trying really hard.  Before the mission, I never really understood the rules or commandments.  I always tried to keep the rules and everything but I never liked doing it.  Here in the mission, there are so many rules that are little and dumb and dont make a lot of sense but as you see other missionaries fall from the little mistakes your testimony really grows.  There are days when I think to myself ¨why should I even wake up.  If I sleep in I´ll have more energy and I will be able to work better.¨  But then I know if I get up on time and do all my studies that I need to, I will be ready for the lessons we have that day and I will have the Spirit even stronger with me.  Everyday is a huge battle against Satan here and he is doing everything possible to try and slow us down.  He knows everything we are teaching is true and hes trying so hard to win a battle he will never win.  In the MTC, we had a devational where the speaker told us to think every morning ¨how can I make Satan angry today?¨  Ive been trying to apply that everyday haha because I know hes happy when we give in to temptaion.  I know he gets mad everytime I knock a door or everything I go into a lesson.    
Anyways, thats my email for this week.  I challenge you all to make Satan mad this week.
Love Elder Peck


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