Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vivaceta #4

(Sorry I got behind...)


Ok!  This week was a good normal week haha.  Not much to report other than we are still working hard and having a great time.  My companion had a rough weekend though.  He was saying how he didnt imagine the mission to be this hard and he was thinking it was because he wasnt ready.  I tried telling him that I had worse weeks before but he was still pretty down.  I told him basically that a successful missionary is always happy no matter what happens and if he´s happen that success will come to him.  He got really excited after that haha so he´s doing better.  He kind of has 2 personalities so its pretty hard sometimes haha.  He likes having Jedi battles with himself in his sleep and makes the sound effects while he is sleeping.  I like hearing the lasers and lightsabers and the screams haha. 
We didnt end up having our baptism yesterday but we will for sure this saturday.  Marcelo is getting married wednesday and then baptized saturday with his daughters.  Well, hopefully both of his daughters haha one of them is really lazy sometimes and doesnt go to church so I will have to make sure shes ready.  We have had to drop a lot of investigators beacuse of lot of people dont progress but thats just kind of how the mission is here.  Someday they will be with the missionaries again though and hopefully they will come to their senses then.  Ive been learning a lot this week about how to focus on peoples needs and not on my wants.  Ive been trying a lot to change the lessons according to what they need so that they can progress.  Ive been seeing a lot more people progress that way.
Well, sorry for the short update again but not much going on.  Have a great week!
Love Elder Peck


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