Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Compania #21

May 28, 2012

This last week was a pretty average week once again for us.  We were able to find even more investigators but nobody is close to baptism.  We are working really hard with the members right now because its the new mission plan and we are having qutie a bit of succes from it.  Last week we went to go visit the twins again to see how they were doing and the dad was feeling kind of sick.  He almost passed out at one point so we helped him down to the car and they drove him to the ER.  It was kind of scary for the family but he ended up being alright and hes going to be in bed for about a month.  When he was waiting for his daughter to pull the car around we asked him if he wanted a blessing and I´ll never forget the look on his face.  Afterwards Larsen and I both talked about how we both felt like we literally heard his thoughts.  I wont go into too much detail about that haha but that was a really neat experience.  President called us saturday morning saying that we were going to have a third companion because another missionary´s companion had to go home for knee problems but then later in the night he called us back and said that they figured everything out and decided to not put us in a trio haha.  Jose and Josselin are doing alright.  They have been fighting a little bit but last night we had a really good lesson with them about communication and being happier together.  Everybody else seems to be doing good.  Isidora´s mom and dad are up in utah right now visiting family so we havent been able to go over and see them.  Thats it!
Love Elder Peck


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