Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Compania #19

May 7, 2012

So this last week was pretty great.  Larsen was sick most of the week so we didnt get to leave much but we still had some great lessons with Cecilia and her baptism!!  We got the news that we are staying together for another change as well!!  This will be a little more than 8 months as companions in the mission. 
Here´s the miracle story.  So sunday we showed up to church in the morning and found the the font hadn´t started filling yet.  We got the keys and tried turning on the hot water knob but it was loose and water was coming out of the knob itself which was weird.  The hot water heater didnt turn on either when we turned the knob so we were kind of worried since it was a chilly day in chile (stupid joke).  We didnt want to have to baptize Cecilia in cold water so we tried figuring out the problem but nothing was working.  We sat down in the chapel for the Sacrament and started praying for any way to get the hot water to work.  We went back to the font after taking the Sacrament and took a look at the knob again.  I tried turning it to see if it would work and water was coming out from behind the knob still like a leak.  I then received revelation to just tear off the knob and break it so... I did haha.  Hot water started spraying everywhere and I got soaked in my suit but at least hot water was coming out.  We turned off the water from the main water knob once it had filled and we had Cecilia´s baptismal service.  It was very special and very spiritual.  A lot of the ward went to see the baptism and had bought her presents and the bishops family came with us to visit her later that evening. 
Thats about all that happened this week since my companion was sick for most of it.  He´s doing a little better now after he got some good rest.  Have a great week!
Love Elder Ty Peck
Elder Larsen and Ty eating lots of food

Elder Peck, Cecilia, Elder Larsen at the baptism


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