Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Compania #18

April 30, 2012

So we had another baptism yesterday!!!!!  Isidora was baptized and she asked me to baptize her so it was wayy cool!  Her whole family was there (except for her dad because he isnt a member) so it was fun being with all her cousins and family members.
This last week was pretty great.  Cecilia is going to be baptized this next sunday.  She had a camera put inside of her friday so she was in some pain sunday but she has already gone to church quite a bit and shes golden.  Whenever we have lessons we come out learning more from her that us teaching her.  She knows the scriptures very well and understands them.  She started reading Jesus the Christ this last week and is loving that book as well.  The twins Javier and Katalina didnt go to church even though their parents said they were going to go for sure.  Its really hard with the mom because she loves us but just doesnt want to go back to church.  

This is the last week of the change and Im most likely going to leave the area since I have almost 6 months here.  It would be great if we could both stay again but its very very unlikely.  We got phone calls last week asking what airport is closest to our homes so we have been out of it these last couple days haha but we are still working hard and getting some good stuff done.  

Well have a great week!
Love Elder Ty Peck


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