Monday, November 21, 2011

Vivaceta #19


Well... I got changed.  I honestly was destroyed when I got the news.  I really did not want to leave Vivaceta.  It was wayyyy hard saying goodbye to Marcelo and his family.  I honestly dont think Ive cried that hard in long time haha.  Im mostly just really worried because Marcelo got really upset and said he doesnt want to continue going to church now because the changes have affected his family too much and the kids are only getting more and more sad because of it.  I tried helping them but Im not sure whats going to happen.
Anyways, this last week was a good week in the sector.  We literally found a family that was the most prepared I had ever seen in my mission.  We went in and had the most spiritual lesson ever and when they went to church, they were crying all sacrament meeting.  The Spirit wa s very powerful in church and they are getting baptized for sure in the next few weeks.  

Now Im in the sector Lo Ovalle 2.  My companion is Elder Hanson from Idaho.  He has one more change than me so it should be pretty good here.  Im not sure how many investigators we have or what the members are like but hopefully its all good here.

Sorry I didnt have much to write this week.  Please pray for Marcelo and his family they really need it right now.
Love Elder Peck


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