Friday, July 29, 2011

Vivaceta #2


We had an amazing week this last week.  So I actually found out Im technically training my companion since he was with his trainer for only 6 weeks.  My companion is awesome and we are having a lot of success.  Its fun watching a new missionary develop because I remember how it was for me.  Hes very humble and a great teacher.  We were able to find 17 new investigators this last week!!!  We got into a lot of houses asking if we could just share a short message with a song and a prayer.  A lot of people let us in because they feel something different and dont know what it was.  We got into one house and the guy opened up about how his wife died years ago and how he feels like we are sent from God to tell him that his wife is ok and waiting for him. 
Now for the biggest miracle of my mission.  So last wednesday in our zone class we received a reference from Peru (which hardly ever happens).  I wrote down the name and address and made plans to visit the people saturday in the night.  Saturday morning we went to do a couple different services for members.  One of the services was moving huge greasy auto parts around so we were wayyy dirty and gross.  We were walking to our house but we were way far away.  I asked my companion if he wants to take bus or walk and he looked at me and said Im not sure.  I thought about it for a second and decided that it would be better because I was wayy tired haha.  We went over to the bus stop and there were a few people sitting there.  My companion talked with them and asked if we could visit sunday.  They said sure and we wrote down there information.  We went home, showered, and changed then went out to work.  We didnt have a lot of plans so we decided we would knock a lot of doors.  Then I remembered the reference that we got and I said lets go visit these people. We walked over to the house and we saw it was the house of the people we talked too after service.  We knocked the door and confirmed out appointment for sunday.  We went sunday after church and the mom told us a story.  They have friends that were members in Peru and they used to always try getting them to church.  They had gone to church once or twice but then moved to Chile and lost contact with their friends.  The mom had been praying for guidance in life and when she saw us walking towards the bus stop she had the weirdest feeling that something big was coming in her life but didnt know what.  When we went into their house she really felt like what we were going to teach was going to change her life.  We taught the Restoration and talked about baptism.  There are 8 people in the family!  I feel really blessed to be finding a lot of investigators and to really have the Spirit with us.  I can´t believe Im almost halfway done with the mission already.  It makes me really sad because I know everyday is one less day as a servant of our Lord.  I really hope the last day of my mission never comes because its just too amazing out here testifying to everybody everyday what I know is true.  I know it will come someday and it will be the saddest day of my life but I will continue testifying everyday to all my loved ones.  I love this work and its so unreal that Im here in Chile.  Im having a great time with my companion and we are ready to baptize lots of people!!  Its been too long since my last baptism.  Almost 6 months ago when I was with Kanahele was when we batized Valentina.  Im ready to baptize more and I cant wait to see people dressed in white ready to swim.
I challenge all of you to enjoy the little things in life this week and really think about what life is for you.  Have a great week!
Love Elder Peck


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