Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Renca 1 #8


I think I mentioned that last week but we had such a great lesson with them yesterday.  We showed up to verify their reading and prayers and they told us a wonderful story.  They said that the day when Elder Memmott and I originally contacted them they were having a few family problems.  They all of a sudden we show up and knock the door and start talking about families and the Gospel.  The mom said she was so happy to hear that message and when we came back and shared the restoration that she felt something change in their house.  The whole family basically committed themselves for baptism the 29th of may!!!  They all told us that there has been such a change in the atomsphere in the house since we arrived at their door and they are very excited to learn more about the gospel.  We have 8 people right now with a baptismal date (4 from that family soon to be 5).  BUT we are thinking we might have to drop a couple of those investigators because they arent progressing at all and arent doing what they need to do. 
We also found a couple other small families in some apartments that are excited to start charing with us too.  Elder Heath and I are having a lot of fun and we are both very excited to be baptizing in this sector (yes Tim it´s sector).  The members have been helping us a little bit more too which is great because now our investigators know the church better.  We had a lesson with Roxanna yesterday too which was short.  We talked about prayer again because she still doesnt feel like she is receiving an answer to her prayers.  She also told us that since she doesnt have any faith in Christ its hard for her to pray in His name.  We have been trying really hard to help her with that faith but it´s come to the point where we can´t do much else to help her build that faith.  We told her to just keep on praying and reading everyday and eventually she will receive an answer. 
Thats about it for me this week.  We are very excited to be working in our SECTOR and we are having lots of success.  Thank you for all your support and love. 
Love Elder Peck
Also, this Sunday is mother's day which means we get to talk to Ty!!


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