Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Renca 1 #10


So first off I want to say that Im pretty jealous that my whole family is going to disneyworld this fall.  Thats pretty lame.  Anyways this last week was kind of a tough week for us.  We had a lot of appointments fall through and we didnt have much success finding people during the week.  We hadnt been able to get ahold of the family we found a couple weeks ago for a while but we finally found them saturday and they were all excited to go to church and to start getting ready for baptism.  They said that they had a few family problems before with the grandpa with drinking and stuff.  He had never drank before and they said right before we showed up he started getting really bad into alcohol.  While we were getting ready for church yesterday morning, we got a call from Jose the 11 year old and he said they wouldnt be able to go to ¨mass¨ with us.  We asked why and he said just some family problems and so we figured the grandpa was probably holding them back.  We are going to go visit them tomorrow though with our ward mission leader to figure out whats going on.  We finally had an investigator in church this week.  We have been teaching him for about a month now.  He´s a great guy and has a testimony of the church already its just that hes hard to teach because hes loves to talk about everything.  He always talks about how much he hates his job and how bad the world is these days and about his dog, his cat, rich people in the world, etc.  We also had a ward activity where we watched the Restoration with everybody to try and get everybody excited and there we met a wife of the young mens president who isnt a member.  We set up an appointment with them for today.  Saturday night we went to visit an inactive sister who has a daughter who isnt baptized and she is really flaky.  She always says shes going to come to church and then never shows up.  There is also another sister that lives next door with the same situation but her husband, son and daughter arent baptized.  The dad came over to us as we were walking out and said he wants his kids to get baptized and asked how soon it could be done.  We went there yesterday to teach the restoration and set a baptismal date for the 5th of june.  It seems like whenever Ive had a hard week in the mission that the Lord always finds a way to bless us with new investigators or some type of miracle to end the week.  We are seeing a lot of success in finding people but we are still trying to get them in the water.  I havent baptized since I was in Los Conquistadores and I hate not being in the water.  That hate is motivating me to baptize everybody haha.  Anyways, thats about it for me this week.  I challenge you all to invite a friend or family member to church this week who isnt a member. 
Love Elder Peck
He also sent an email to my mom saying he LIKES TOMATOES...that is so unacceptable! haha Nobody in our family will touch tomatoes, he says they prepare them different down there...pisha!


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