Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missionary Board

A lot of wards have missionary bulletin boards and our ward was no different. It needed an update in a bad way, not only did we have new missionaries out and one missionary return it was just kind of boring and plain. (Hey I can say it I was the one who helped do it last time :)). So I made up a small design of how I wanted it to look then the Pratt's and Peck's (and Rags;)) got together for an FHE activity and did this:
 we have missionaries all over the world and all are in different time zones (cool huh!?) The missionary who just got home also would have been in a different time zone. I have a few things I still want to change a little bit on it. I want to change the "Called to Serve" banner on top just so it matches better. Also I think we are going to add a small caption by each photo saying when they left and when they'll return.
this one is just for you Steve, two can play! hahaha jkjk.


Do you know why time zones were created? Well I'll tell you. It was all about the trains. Back in the olden days when the trains didn't travel as far it wasn't a huge deal but when they made the transcontential they had to do something because the train would leave New York at say 8am but then it was supposed to be in another state further away at the same time. So they had to create time zones so the trains could be on time. Small fact. Thanks Bro. Walton for the facts. I hope I explained it right.


Taylor said...

Oh man Amanda!!! That is so cute! I love it. It's amazing. Good work. You are so creative.

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